Monday, April 12, 2010

3 Animations

In the first of the 3 Animations I choose to have a look around my levels.

In this I did some sections.

Final Project Submission

This is the gallery space where the two artists meet; I made it a very open area, which makes it easier for both artists to bring their artwork.

Patricia Piccinini hard at work in her area, she can go up to the gallery space by either the main spiral staircase which also lead to Ricky Swallows space or the cubed shaped stairs. Also you can notice the texture on the floor which i have choosen for Patricia Piccinini.

This picture is of the top floor where Ricky Swallows makes his artwork. Here is another staircase which leads around back to his work place.

Another small staircase for a spilt level gallery space and you can also notice the texture i have used for that specific place.

Some of his work is hanged on the wall, and there are people looking at it.

The Three Textures

This is the Upper level texture that i choose to use for Ricky Swallow.

The Gallery Space Texture

This is the Lower Level texture that i choose to use for Patricia Pacinini

The Staircase

This is the main staircase which can be used by both artist. Ricky Swallow can bring this artwork from his space to the gallery space or he can choose to go all the way down to the other artists space. Same goes for Patricia Piccinini.

This Staircase is designed for Patricia Piccinini so that she can move all her artwork from her space to the gallery space.

Additional Staircase

This is the sketch i wanted to develope, as i went on doing this project i have adjusted and changed it around a bit.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


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